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I was invited by DVDFREAK to review the Murnau Stiftung release of Münchhausen (1943) on blu-ray.

If you’re into classic colorful fantasy films, check it out!

e-on software - Spotlight Interview on latest projects, my SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 award and Sir Paul Smith’s advices.


Q&A on Fiebre en la Disco hosted by Jeff Howard at Film Invasion Los Angeles 2017:


Other reviews :


Aescripts -  "Great particle effects using Trapcode Mir and more by Jean-Marie Marbach"


Modular - Fiebre En La Disco

USTimes - "Let the Disco ball commence"

Promonews - "It's a strange one, and it keeps getting weirder".

Confesiones Tirado En La Pista de Baile - "La Batalla tirados en la pista de baile".

Peder Norrby for Trapcode - "Amazing work by Jean-Marie Marbach. He is using Mir and Form extremely well in this music video"


The Gentle People - h2O

Aidy Reviews - h2O I love you  Conversation with the Nauga

El Santo del Rock - The Gentle People, h2O

Maria Popova for Curiosity Counts - "Bizarre and beautiful, but mostly bizarre, ode to water. Part Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno, part Carl Sagan + Sigur Rós"


La Casa Azul - La Fiesta Universal -  Official Press Release

Peder Norrby for Trapcode - "Really stunning work for La Casa Azul by Jean-Marie Marbach" 

Confesiones Tirado En La Pista de Baile - La Fiesta Universal : Orgasmo audiovisual

La Reputada  - La fiesta Universal de la Casa Azul

Fantastic Plastic Mag - La Casa Azul, La Fiesta Universal

Je ne sais Pop - La Fiesta Universal


La Casa Azul - La Polinesia Meridional

Confesiones Tirado En La Pista de Baile - Sobrevolando la Polinesia Meridional

Hipersonica - El arte de escapar 

Rockdelux - La polinesia Meridional

Elladijopop - El paraiso de la Casa Azul


Trapcode Suite releases

Contribution to the Trapcode Suite 13/14 releases for Red Giant Software, including focuses on Particular and  Mir.

Red Giant : "See the amazing things you can do with Trapcode Mir".

VIDEO | See the amazing things you can do with Trapcode Mir 2.

Posted by Red Giant on Tuesday, 10 November 2015