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10+ years in the VFX pool. Particle addict. Now directing… 

Here you'll find promos I've directed, along with a sample of other works.

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Jean-Marie Marbach



2019: La Casa Azul | Podrìa Ser Peor (pre-production)

2019: Sophie Villy | Another Existence (post-production)

2017: Tennyson | L’oiseau qui danse

2017: James Fasa | Miyako (VFX)

2016: Modular | Fiebre En La Disco (CCCP remix)

2016: Modular | Fiebre En La Disco

2013: La Casa Azul | La Fiesta Universal

2012: La Casa Azul | La Polinesia Meridional

2011: The Gentle People | h2O

2009: Holosuite | Vortex Deep

Winner of the Best In Show award at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 Tokyo,

the Grand Jury Prize at Film Invasion Los Angeles, the Diamond Award  at the California Film Awards

and Best Music Video at the 2018 Discover Film Awards.

Directed the 8th Dubai International Film Festival opening sequence, commercials for various clients including Mc Donald's and Evian,

and a profile of fashion designer Paul Smith in his London studio.

VFX supervisor on the Ubisoft game Watch_Dogs, the Abu Dhabi Awards and the French movie "La Ravisseuse",

Contributor to the Red Giant Software Pre-Release Program, 3D Artist and DVDFREAK.

Member of the FILA Filmmakers Board.